Alphacool - NexXxoS NVXP GTX770 Block

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Alphacool - NexXxoS NVXP GTX770 Block

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A Alphacool mostrou hoje os seus novos blocos para a GTX770 da Nvidia. Com versões Polished Stainless Steel e Polished Copper actualmente, que serão expandidas com outras três versões futuramente.

With the new graphics card water block series, Alphacool combines the advantages of developement and research in Germany with affordable production in China. Years of experience in research of developement at Alphacool reflect in high-quality and well-designed water blocks. And the results are spectacular:

Weight: An optimized cooling plate and top structure allowed weight savings of approximately 200 grams, resulting in a 969g leightweight.

Channel structure: Despite the low weight, all relevant heat zones on the graphics card are covered and cooled by the water block. In the chip area, the cooling plate features a channel structure with a remaining thickness of less than 1mm and channels only 0.8mm in width. This allows extreme cooling performance for even the most extreme overclocking.

Flow: Channel- and cooling structure were optimized to achieve maximum flow rates

Material: Highly thermally conductive copper of high purity is used for the cooling plate, achieving the best possible heat transfer from graphics card to coolant

Compatibility: Thanks to the low depth of only 6mm, conflicts with neighbouring expansion- or graphics cards are a thing of the past. Maximum compatibility for Multi-GPU systems means maximum performance paired with perfect cooling!

SLI ready: With four connection threads, multiple graphics card water blocks can be connected directly with SLI connectors

Design: Alphacool took a new approach to the appearance of this new water block series: Stainless steel top plates in five different finishes give an individual touch to your system. The water block is available in the following finishes: black (brushed / polished), silver (brushed / polished) and polished copper.

Included with this water block are mounting screws as well as thermal pads and -compound. A multi-lingual (German, English, French) mounting manual and tools allow quick and easy installation of the water block.

And the best at the end:
The water block is shipped in vacuum packaging. This allows our customers to be sure that the water block is fresh from the factory and not stained from storage. Another great thing about the new series are the many different availabe versions. The layout of the water block is as shown in the image gallery. Despite that we strongly recommend to hold up the water block against the graphics card before removing the protective film to ensure compatibility. Should the water block actually not fit, you can return the water block to us and will, if the vacuum packaging is unopened, receive a 100% refund!

Technical specifications:
Material: Copper, stainless steel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 194,5 x 127 x 16mm
Weight: Approx. 969g
Connection threads: 4x G1/4" completely SLI/Crossfire capable
Compatible with Nvidia GTX770 graphics cards in reference layout

Extent of delivery:
1x Water block
Thermal pads
Thermal compound
Mounting material
2x G1/4" screw plugs
Multi-lingual (German, English, French) mouninting manual

Link: Produto no site

Fonte: Alphacool PR

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