ECS - Wi-Bridge, Smart Connection to Wireless Digital Life

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ECS - Wi-Bridge, Smart Connection to Wireless Digital Life

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ECS Wi-Bridge, Smart Connection to Wireless Digital Life

Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 28th, 2011 –
Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, notebook and mobile device manufacturer has launched its first wireless display solution for HDMI display devices—ECS Wi-Bridge designed to delight your entertainment experience with wide and big screens.

Unlimited Extension of Colorful Life
ECS Wi-Bridge not only is small in size, but also smart in function. ECS Wi-Bridge is a lightweight, wireless display adapter which is portable and compact to save more space in your living room or on your office desk. ECS Wi-Bridge successfully breaks wired limitations and bridges your PC or NB to a big screen display supporting 1080P HD high quality resolution output via HDMI. ECS Wi-Bridge supports varying display modes meeting users different browsing performance needs. In addition to easy life, ECS Wi-Bridge is ideal for office use. Save time unplugging and easily switch between various presenters. You will find conferences smoother and more enjoyable.

Compliant With Different Systems
ECS Wi-Bridge supports every kind of common video/audio/photo formats. Transmitting via Wi-Fi connection, ECS Wi-Bridge can cover a range of up to 30 meters; and the utility can be compliant with iOS and Android systems. Moreover, easily control the content on your devices wirelessly with a remote control bundled in the package. ECS Wi-Bridge provides the best wireless solution to break the boundary between your PC and the couch.

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