Antec - Attack Starcraft II

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Antec - Attack Starcraft II

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Antec presents Antec Attack Starcraft II! Weekly 200€ prize money for European players!

Antec invites the European Starcraft II community to compete at every Wednesday. A modern tournament-system, 200€ prize money, exciting matches and a regular professional commentary await participants as well as spectators.

Antec, renowned for efficient power supplies and shapely yet functional computer chassis, is expanding their gaming-market activities. After establishing itself as reliable partner of some of the world's best eSport (electronic sports) teams over the past years, they now expand to creating their own tournament series.

Every Wednesday at 6 pm CET (GMT +1) Antec presents its very own Starcraft II tournament at Up to 512 participants can compete in a modern pool-system. Different to traditional tournament brackets, players will not be forced into a fixed grid. This negates long waiting times, allowing the players to be seeded directly to the next available participant.

To ensure a fair and entertaining competition, the best players of the previous tournament will receive a so-called seeding, which prevents a premature encounter between the best competing players.

The weekly prize of 200€ will be split between the two finalists. While the winner will take home 125€, the runner-up will receive 75€ in prize money.

Antec Attack starts on the 1st of February, 18:00 (CET) and will be held weekly. Antec Attack is executed by Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, commissioned by Antec Europe BV. Participating in this tournament is free of charge. All information can be found at

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