Lamptron lança o poderoso CF525

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Lamptron lança o poderoso CF525

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A Lamptron apresentou hoje o seu mais poderoso controlador, o CF525. Com um visual preto, com 5 knobs rotativos manuais, é capaz de alimentar uns estrondosos 60W por canal, mais do que muitos produtos da concorrência em todo o controlador.

Um canal deste controlador chega mesmo para alimentar duas poderosas bombas de watercoolings, sobrando nos outros quatro canais muitos e muitos Watt para consumir.

Nota de Imprensa
Lamptron is proud to announce the latest product from the minds of our engineers and the requests from you, the users.

The Lamptron CF525 is the spiritual succesor to the classic and powerfull FC2. The CF525 provides a whooping 60w per channel through its 5 channels providing a total of 300w for the power hungry.


To put it in perspective, this controller is able to control 10x of the infamous Delta AFB1212GHE-CF00 fans at full speed at the same time (2 per channel).

These fans require 29.5W/4.5A each, that’s 24.5A/295W of draw in total! With the CF525 we can safely say you will only ever need one controller in your system regardless of how many cooling solutions you choose to use in terms of power needs.

For your consideration, The Lamptron CF525.

No Frills, Just Power.

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