Alphacool - NB-eLoop Bionic Loop 120mm

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Alphacool - NB-eLoop Bionic Loop 120mm

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A Alphacool mostrou hoje as suas novas ventoinhas com motor Bionic Loop, com versões de 1200rpm e 2300rpm.

The world's first high-tech compact fan with patented bionic Bionic Loop rotor comes from Germany. Developed with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economics and the bionic Dr. Rudolf Bannasch we provide with the Alphacool NB-eLoop series against the currently most advanced fans of the world. The Alphacool NB-eloop was designed especially for Alphacool in an unique blue wing and black frame edition which matches the special Alphacool design perfectly.

Bionic fan blade rotor (new)
The unique design of the rotor eliminates the vortices between low and high pressure side of the fan blade tips. The tip vortices are broken up into smaller vortices and distributed evenly. Vortices on the trailing blade edge are reduced to a minimum by vorticity guides.
Result of all these features is reduced drag, significantly reducing aerodynamic noise and improving energy efficiency.
Dust repelling super-smooth surface, Material original Bayer Makrolon®.

Bionic fan chassis (new)
• Aerodynamically optimized flow pattern
• 4 resonance/interference absorbers (Deepsound Design)
• Increased air intake area with diagonal design
• Highly linear power output over the whole speed spectrum, air flow optimized
• Fiber glass reinforced material concentrated frame made from PBT UL94V0 30%GF

NB-EKA 2 Drive (new)
• Auto-restart functionality for reliable start-up
• Integrated blockage and overload protection
• Scalable NB-WideRange electronics
• Low start-up voltage
• RPM signal lead
• AntiDust technology (completely dust-protected motor)

NB-NanoSLI 2 magnetic floating bearing (new)
• Orientation-invariant lubrication and noise reduction, vertical and horizontal operation without increased noise emission
• AntiDust technology (completely dust protected bearing)
• Special lubrication with Nano technology for long lifespan and low noise emissions

Technical data:
Nominal power:12V DC
Starting voltage:6V
Power Consumption:0,85Watt
Nominal Speed:1200rpm (+/-10%)
Pressure head:0,893mm H2O
Air Flow:76,22m³/h
Noise emmission:16,1dB/A or (0,125 Sone)
MTBF (25°C):150.00hrs
Connector:3 Pin Molex with rpm signal

Link: Produto no site

Fonte: Alphacool PR

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Re: Alphacool - NB-eLoop Bionic Loop 120mm

Mensagempor Shuper' Luu' » 21/ago/2013, 20:06


Testamos estas ventoinhas no meu projecto da moda'water'case (a versão básica da NB) e de todas as que testamos foi a que teve o melhor desempenho e os melhores rácios de desempenho relativo.

Gostei da opção de azul transparente e da linha de baixa velocidade dessas ventoinhas, ficam perfeitas para os radiadores da Alphacool de 60mm.


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