Modding Summer 2013 - Mike Landenberger from Lutro0 Customs

Quando o nosso espírito tecnológico se cruza com um entrevistado, eis os resultados.
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Modding Summer 2013 - Mike Landenberger from Lutro0 Customs

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Today is time for another modding summer 2013 interview. Here is Mike Landenberger, owner and founder of Lutro0 Customs!

Mike at Maker Fair

Shuper' Luu': Mike, when you begin in the modding world? How was it (the experience and the modding world at that time) and your vision on it?
Mike Landenberger: The modding world when I started seemed very closed. Almost like everyone was trying to hold onto every method and every secret they could. Not all were like that but enough to notice. A lot of it was in the sleeving community or the lack of - for that matter. From then on I chose to share everything I could, to do guides, and be as detailed as I could on my work logs.

Shuper' Luu': That is maybe one of the reasons LC have so many fans out there. How was LC born on your mind? Was it for that "issue" on the modding world?
Mike Landenberger: The guides started before LC had formed. I created LC when I started selling the custom LC sleeving tool to help people sleeve in the heatshrink fasion easier. Soon after came custom heatshrinkless extensions in MDPC or Paracord. No one was doing it at that time.

Shuper' Luu': I think sleeving in on a 3rd generation phase. First we have the ugly sleeving on PSUs from manufactures, then we jump to uni-sleeving and after other kinds of sleeving born (paracord for example). What you think 4rd generation will be?
Mike Landenberger: I beleive we will be moving towards a more dense sleeve like our LC Teleios sleeving is. Sleeving that is easier on the sleever and beginners alike. There is always room for improvement. The sleeving supply world has been stagnant for a while now. Which is why I opened my store. I wanted to see revival in the sleeving world, I wanted to see prices changes, people start competing, and just overall more people into the hobby.

Shuper' Luu': Now that you talk about Teleios, it is greek right? How do it inspire you?
Mike Landenberger: Teleios means perfect or matured with age in greek. Which is exactly what I wanted in this sleeve. I like using greek words as I studied it a ton while preaching and I love the fact that one word has so many meanings.

Teleios Blue sleeving 24pin ATX

Shuper' Luu': Will we see more “greek” inspired product line?
Mike Landenberger: Yes as time goes on I intend to continue to create more products to make sleeving easier, the soonest product being a revision of the Original Molex Extractor that works better and will be sold much cheaper. Name has not been chosen yet.

Shuper' Luu': What was the thing you have more pride on your walk on the modding world?
Mike Landenberger: I try to keep as humble as I possibly can but the thing I am most personally proud of is how many people that I have helped get into sleeving as that was always my intent from the beginning. Another thing that I think is awesome is the random shoutouts I get from different companies that I never ask for. I don’t advertise but by word of mouth and people always have nice things to say, and who doesn’t like to hear some validation for your hard work from time to time.

Shuper' Luu': I remember not long ago you were with health problems. The community was so close to you, how do it feel?
Mike Landenberger: I cannot express in words how much it meant that the community was praying for my back surgeries and recovery. It’s an awesome thing to know that people are understanding with late jobs sometimes due to flareups and continue to support my small shop through anything.

You talk about color range?

Shuper' Luu': Now lets go to the funniest part. You are a sleeving Evgangelist, but isn’t there anything you hate on the sleeving work?
Mike Landenberger: Honestly sometimes it can be tedious and anyone who has sleeved knows that its repetition. But I get the awesome opportunity from time to time to create a full system for someone and when I find the time to mod on my own personal projects. Modding is still a very huge part of my love of the computing world.

Shuper' Luu': PSUs: modular, full modular or “spider way”?
Mike Landenberger: Always try to go full modular and pick a psu that has little double wires, this will make your sleeving experience super easy.

Shuper' Luu': Was there any time a customer so annoying you wish you can sleeve it till he don’t breath?
Mike Landenberger: I have only had one that was like this, and honestly he just got caught up in a bad situation and I felt bad for his situation but I always try to make it right no matter what.

Brown LC Stiff-Line Sleeving

Shuper' Luu': What was the worst sleeving job you’ve ever see?
Mike Landenberger: Honestly I have seen a lot of bad sleeving jobs, but there is one that makes me cringe everytime I see it. Sadly it was my own first mod when I first got into sleeving and I wish I would have redone it knowing what I do now. It was my katharos mod and it still won MOTM on OCN, I wish to repeat that title with a new mod I have upcoming.

Shuper' Luu': We like watercooling systems. What you think on the sleeving tubes trend for example? Maybe now on rigid tubes it reborn?
Mike Landenberger: I think watercooling in itself has so many new things upcoming for it. I loved the idea that Nate George of E22.Biz has done with the hardline acrylic. That was an idea of his he brought to the masses first and now there is a lot of companies offering the same thing. But they say that imitation is the best form of flattery.

Shuper' Luu': What is the sleeving combo you like more?
Mike Landenberger: I like the 3 color combo the best, I did a huge article about color choices on sleeving and on system choosing, infact I will be speaking about this article on the modding panel at Pax Prime at the end of this month.

Three color combo 8pin cable

Shuper' Luu': What you think will be 2014 modding trend?
Mike Landenberger: I think sleeving will continue to become a staple in systems with more people doing it themselves, I see so many small sleeving shops offering sleeving services and even though it costs more I believe it to be the better choice then a pre-made solution from a large company. I fully support all of those small shops the best I can as it creates competition in the modding realm even more to the sleeving arena. Which I believe has been stagnant due to MDPC being the staple for sleeving supplies. Infact starting my shop was with the vision of shaking up that market and driving down prices and competition with new sleevings and more offerings – which I believe I have been successful in that area.

Shuper' Luu': Can you tell us a little more on your upcoming products and ideas?
Mike Landenberger: At this moment we are focusing on the Teleios Brand with lots more colors and sizes. I believe the Teleios brand will be the next go to sleeving for many projects and its easier to use and some of the densest and softest sleeving on the market. We have been coming out with colors slowly as I want them to be perfectly opaque and sleeving colors that will match today’s components and at a fair price. The reviews for the sleeving have all been phenomenal and I can’t wait to start to see more systems sleeved with it. It brings a sense of accomplishment to see people using our supplies knowing they didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get into the sleeving arena.
Our vision will always stay the same no matter how large Lutro0 Customs gets. We always want to provide the best quality goods and systems for the best price we can possibly offer. To continue to offer the best customer service 2 people can provide on a global scale. One of the reasons we don’t have a ton of resellers is because we want to keep that personal relationship with our customers and provide a buying experience that’s more than just purchasing goods to create friendships with the modding community and provide the latest sleeving methods and sleeving education we can through daily livestreaming of our shops activities. So you know exactly who you are buying from and we can be as transparent as possible – no gimmicks just modders who love what we do and love what our customers are creating.

Thanks Mike for the awesome time!

Have you already try Lutro0 Customs? Give us your feedback on the website, where you can comment using FB!

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