Modding Summer 2013 - Richard Surroz aka DarthBeavis

Quando o nosso espírito tecnológico se cruza com um entrevistado, eis os resultados.
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Modding Summer 2013 - Richard Surroz aka DarthBeavis

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Hi all,

Hail to Richard Surroz! Know worldwide as DarthBeavis too, is another of our guest for Modding Summer 2013 interviews.

ImagemRichard Surroz next to him "Hail to the King" project for Nvidia and Duke Nuken Forever Game.

Pioneer of modding, founder of out-of-the-box-mods, Richard "DarthBeavis" Surroz is the creator of some of the best mods in all the generations modding had face off. Not only make pieces of art as innovate in every generation with him overkill and out of the box approach.

With a unique spirit of sharing and evolve, he is one of the pioneers of modding that spread the passion in every move. Inspiring tousands, here is our little talk with him,

Shuper’ Luu’: When you started at modding, how was it and your modding spirit?
Richard Surroz: I first started modding in a time when we did not have tons of available products like we have today. My sense of aesthetics was rather crude and my skills sparse. I did have the passion for it and the desire to learn.

Shuper’ Luu’: Was it more fun that time? Or now you find another ways to keep that passion?
Richard Surroz: I think it is more fun now as I have more avenues to share with other modders and to help others learn.

Shuper’ Luu’: So the sharing and learn is one important vision for you right?
Richard Surroz: It is imperative. Teaching is my life, in modding and as a profession outside of modding.
Shuper’ Luu’: And they are alike with that feeling of help and grow i think, and the achievement goal. For me, you're one of the pillars of the international modding comunity.
Richard Surroz: Thank you for your kinds words, I just try to give back what others have given like Bill Owen. Modding is really cool as it breaks down borders.

Richard project Autopsy

Shuper’ Luu’: What was the most compensating part of all your journey?
Richard Surroz: I think the best part is when I hear people say they got into modding after seeing my projects. If I can inspire others to express themselves and grow our community, then I have accomplished all I could dream of.
Shuper’ Luu’: That answer show a lot about you, because you care more on the people part that award part for example. Some other people will think "maybe when i won X competition" for example.
Richard Surroz: Getting magazine covers and winning contests is just a way to spread the word and give others hope. My favorite cover was the one that was auctioned off for charity.
Shuper’ Luu’: Bill Owen is another pillar, you both support and help the comunity in a way people should acclaim for.
Richard Surroz: I think Bill and I would prefer up and coming modders get attention and acclaim. We are just two people who have had good breaks and get to do neat projects for commission. The person who scrimps and saves to mod is the hero.

Shuper’ Luu’: What you think is the biggest mistake on the new upcoming modders? Maybe less passion?
Richard Surroz: I think up and coming modders need to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas and ways to do things and try to always find something constructive to say about others work. Sponsorships should be a by product of good work not a goal.

Shuper’ Luu’: Like cases are not boxes and not beige right? Maybe the out-the-boxs-mods is what it is for that right?
Richard Surroz: Yeah build pcs into crazy stuff or make your own case, not every project but mix it up.

At this moment Richard receipt one delivery, him Parvum Protoss case and some goodies from Nvidia and EK. His him own words "w00t"!

Richard Surroz: Having my students build liquid cooled torture rack tonight, so i can teach them to overclock with UEFI bios.

Shuper' Luu': Dammm why i don't have teachers here like that! Do they know your work outside the school?
Richard Surroz: Yes! Big time. I do modding projects during lab time, brought in LN2 and overclocked one weekend.

Holocron build was cover of CPU magazine July 2011

Shuper’ Luu’: As the modding world grows, there are people that enter your modding world with your last projects and don't know the others. What projects will you like the newbies to dig on your portfolio?
Richard Surroz: Autopsy for sure, my all time favorite.

Shuper’ Luu’: How was the overall autopsy experience for you?
Richard Surroz: Autopsy was a fun experience in a way that it allowed me to work with my wife on the project. I also required a totally different approach to building a system.
Shuper’ Luu’: I've see on the credits that a guy from alienware niche (is this right?) helped you on the body right? That was totally out of the box mod.
Richard Surroz: A guy named john helped me cut it some. My wife did most of the help.

Shuper’ Luu’: What is the most boring part/mod of the casemod for you?
Richard Surroz: The most boring part is waiting for parts from the sponsors... Well, for the modding itself - sleeving. So time consuming... I do not mind outsourcing that task.

Shuper’ Luu’: Do you have any habit when you mod? (Like listen to music)
Richard Surroz: I love to listen to stuff like Skrillex and Deadmau5 - or Howard Stern.

Queen of Blades is him new WOP (Work in Progress)

Shuper’ Luu’: What your top tool of modding?
Richard Surroz: My top modding tool is my heatgun - so many uses for it. After that, my scroll saw then drill press.

Shuper’ Luu’: Currently how you think mod in 2014 will be? What is the new trend you think will rule 2014?
Richard Surroz: I think you will see hard line tubing really take off with a ton of creativity with acrylic hard lines once people figure out the crazy bends you can do.

I will like to thank Richard Surroz for this awesome time, enjoy it a lot. And you, what you liked more? Give us your feedback here or at our Website article were you can comment with Facebook!

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