Modding Summer 2013 - Paul Tan from Paul Tan Designs

Quando o nosso espírito tecnológico se cruza com um entrevistado, eis os resultados.
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Modding Summer 2013 - Paul Tan from Paul Tan Designs

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Hi all,

To open our Modding Summer 2013 interviews, i invite Paul Tan from Paul Tan Designs from Philippines.

Paul Tan next to him Reventon design/build.

With the slogan "the pure source of inspiration for PC Builders and designers" heading him website name and him unique style whatever he touch, Paul Tan is not only one pure heart modder, but a perfection seeker and a hell of a designer, riding the future of modding.

In him Portfolio we can see a lot of masterpieces, with the new additions being Dark Knight PC and Titanium S.

In a modders view, here is the result of our chat with him,

Shuper’ Luu’: When you start at modding, how was it and your vision about modding at that time?
Paul Tan: I started modding since 2006. I modded my PC not because of looks but for the sake of performance. And I'm telling you it was awful haha
I even tried using my Lian-Li's aluminum motherboard tray as the backplate of my dual Processor build. Then I added holes to the side panel to add some intake and exhaust fans. It looks awful but it was performing pretty decent.
Shuper’ Luu’: hehe That time was when people even put that big fans people use on summer, but on side panels. I'd see a lot of them here at Lan Parties. And with an overcoat to match the cold it makes.

Shuper’ Luu’: What you think have change in your modding personality since that time?
Paul Tan: Hmm... I think I changed a lot when it comes to modding techniques and using of different materials. But with my goals, it’s still the same - Strive for good design.

Shuper’ Luu’: And the fun, is more fun now or then?
Paul Tan: Of course more fun! I make sure when I do a project I don't redo the things I just did. I always try new things/techniques so even it’s stressful when I fail, it's more fun when I achieved it.

Shuper' Luu': You always innovate, from small to big parts, what is the one (innovation) you liked more? That part you say "damm i'm a god on this"!
Paul Tan: haha do you mean good or god? Can we change the "god" word because i never considered myself god when it comes to modding. But to answer your question, i think it would be the Reverse GPU mounting that I fabricated for the Dark Knight PC.
Shuper' Luu': I remember on comment on that one, was genius.
Paul Tan: I love the Reverse GPU mounting on the dark knight PC because ever since i started modding and when GPU vendors started making big and sexy looking cards, i started wondering why they never made a GPU that face the right direction. So that’s why I took the chance to make one.
Shuper’ Luu’: Inverted ATX is the best friend for waterblocks, thing i like to use on moda'a'foca. The reversed worked perfectly good, because you not only rotate from the best position the mobo, but the GPU too. That frontal view angle is the perfect for that.

Paul Tan and Armorsuit Z77 project.

Shuper’ Luu’: A little before you talk about stressful. When things are failing what you usually do? If late try it by next day morning, or can't sleep?
Paul Tan: haha nice question! I don't sleep. I'm the kind of person when I do things I give it my 100% and try as much as I could to finish the job early.
Shuper’ Luu’: Just like me hehe Spray a case at 5am? Why not? Is the spray can sleeping or what?
Paul Tan: lol. I do spray my PC in the middle of the night haha.

Shuper’ Luu’: As you entered at 2006, the new upcoming modders and builders sometimes only see you newest project. What projects will you like them to dig on your portfolio?
Paul Tan: Hmmm. As much as I want them to dig my first full moddded rig, but the forum TipidPC where people noticed me and my first modding project deleted my worklog. I miss reading that thread since when i'm down i read it back to remind me how i started modding. Too bad it's gone.

Shuper’ Luu’: If there is one component/piece you can ban from modding, what would be? That one always give issues.
Paul Tan: hmm... tough question...for me it would be the multicolored I/O ports!!!!!!!!!!!

Shuper’ Luu’: Now one thing i was always curious. What is your scholarity? Any design route, or was it self-taught?
Paul Tan: Oh. I studied Fine Arts Advertising where I learned a lot of things about designs, mostly making things more appealing to people and how to present them properly using design and photography. I also work while studying at a small Interior design firm where I learned how to design houses. So somehow all that elements helped me to become a modder/designer.

Paul Tan and Nike Advanced CoolerMaster 690 II.

Shuper’ Luu’: Nice so how do that unique design of you born? Because personally if i see a photo of you without the watermark i will always know it is you. You are very balanced, even your website is with that unique style.
Paul Tan: Thanks for the kind words. But I'm not really sure how. But I guess it really lies on my personal taste. hehe

Shuper’ Luu’: If you can only use four words to resume your style, what will be?
Paul Tan: 4 words... hmmm KISS

Shuper’ Luu’: What is your favorite phase of the project? And the one you like less?
Paul Tan: Favorite would be the Assembly! Boring would be the trial and error part, when trying a new technique haha
Oh and sleeving. I don’t hate it that much but I don’t like it that much either.

Shuper’ Luu’: Your modding weapon of choice is?
Paul Tan: BRAIN!

Shuper’ Luu’: Is there anything that had make you sad in your modding journey? Someone who should apologize you?
Paul Tan: Hmm... not sure. Oh yeah the guy from the states who packed my ArmorsuitZ77 back here in Manila. He really ruined my Armorsuit resulting on my loss of interest with that build.

Shuper’ Luu’: What you think of Portugal modders? Do you know some?
Paul Tan: Haha, sorry but to be honest, i know some good modders around the globe but I rarely check where they came from, maybe you. Haha

Shuper’ Luu’: And our name, moda'a'foca? What was your first idea when hear it?
Paul Tan: Hmmm... Moda means style i think foca focus? So Style Focus Modding is the first thing that came out of my mind.

Shuper’ Luu’: What you think will be the 2014 modding trend?
Paul Tan: Modding is slowly changing. Before i see a lot of modding project that are not properly designed. But now it became more cleaner and sexier. So for 2014, i think it will improve more. More watercooling build will become more normal i think.

Shuper’ Luu’: Can you talk with us a little on your next projects?
Paul Tan: haha, I'm working on a Razer Project, hopefully they will approve. And I'm talking to Asus ROG about my Lamborghini Aventador J build. And I'm planning on releasing 3 Titanium version: Titanium X, Titanium S & Titanium R.

Shuper’ Luu’: Thanks Paul! Had a lot of fun with this.
Paul Tan: Thank you also for having me here. Really enjoyed it as well!

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